Body Arts & Science (BASI) Mentor Program – SA

Body Arts & Science (BASI) Mentor Program – SA

BASI Mentor Program – SA –

Jo-Anne Botha has completed the Mentor Pilates Program

A three-day course, developed by Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz (USA based), is the first phase of Ultimate Pilates Journey, consisting of the Mentor, Master I and Master II programs. This is Rael’s voyage of discovery and exploration into the deeper realms of the Pilates method and the sharing of his life’s work that spans over four decades.

The Mentor program focuses on refinement of the work and introduces us to the higher principles, advanced repertoire, utilizing all apparatus and is taking the student to the extreme edges of the Method. The Mentor Program provides the Pilates professional with the opportunity to learn from specially elected BASI faculty that has studied with Rael for almost twenty years and is passing his life’s work on to others.

Theo Botha, principal faculty for BASI Pilates is the first elected faculty member on which Rael has bestowed the honour to teach the Mentor Program under his direction.

Awesome program to have been a part of…it was taught with enthusiasm and comprehensive knowledge of the exercises and how the body works within the exercises taught.

So there are many more new exciting movements coming your way, especially for my advanced clientele. It was great being around like minded people and developing new inspiration and being able to move my body in some complex ways.

My tank is full again…watch out my dear beloved clients.

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