BASI Pilates Trapeze Table

BASI Pilates Trapeze Table

Pilates BASI Trapeze Table / Cadillac.

Naturally Pilates is proud to announce the arrival of  a brand new piece of equipment in October.

This is the “Ferrari” of Trapeze Table/ Cadillacs out there on the current market.

BASI (Body Arts and Science Institution-USA based) is known for their Pilates educational courses but they have recently introduced equipment to their brand.

Rael has designed this equipment to suit everyone’s needs…tall or large, athletic or not, healthy or rehabilitative needs are meet more easily with the upgraded facilities to this Cadillac.

This is a amazing piece of equipment, cant wait to practice on it with my students.

For more details – press the you tube link below (explanation by Rael)

BASI Systems: CadillacYouTube

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